Mob Farming In the Public Dungeons - Farming Elder Scrolls Online Gold

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Welcome to the easy, accessible, and effective Elder Scrolls Online Gold farming guide for the Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. In this video, Lucky Ghost brings you ways (Mob Farming In the Public Dungeons) to start making ESO money as a new player or a veteran.

Public dungeons in ESO are brimming with encounters that spawn five or more mobs in clusters. Encounters in public dungeons also appear to have much shorter respawn timers than anywhere else. Thus, as you circle through a public dungeon and take out each cluster of enemies, you’re likely to glean gold and loot at a higher rate per minute than you would in other hunting grounds. More specifically, you’ll find the best results in public dungeons where Imperials are present. This is because Imperial mobs tend to drop more gold, more frequently.

This is a list of the Imperial Mob public dungeons:

Crimson Cove or Malabal Tor

Bang’korai or Razak’s Wheel

The Vile Manse or Reaper’s March

AOE damage skills are mandatory for managing public dungeon farming.

You can use the following destruction bow and staff weapons for managing damage:

Volley– For launching arrows till 8 seconds at any target

Elemental Storm– For storming at any target till 2 seconds and damaging every enemy for 7 seconds

Wall of Elements– For creating a caster zone for 6 seconds for dealing ailments and long damage

Impulse– For instant damaging in 6m radius

Plenty of skills from Dragonknights, Sorcerers, Wardens, and Templars come in handy for AOE. Following are some skills:

Blazing Spear by Templar– Showering of divine damage

Impaling Shards by Warden– Summoning of ice shards

Lightning Splash by Sorcerer– Creation of a storm

Fiery Breath by Dragonknight– Breathing of a fire cone for instant damage

You can use Nightblades for instant damage. The PVE Necromancer builds in the AlcastHQ are great too.

The ESO how to make gold Mob farming method gets better with some smart Champion Point allotting. Allot to Spell Erosion for reverting the damage caused by the opponent’s weapons through the AOE spells. Choose to allot to Piercing for balancing the effect of physical weapon penetration. Allotting to Precise Strikes cab boosts critical physical rating while allowing to Elfborn can boost spell crits.

Moreover, there are a few important Champion Point allotments that can make mob farming even easier in ESO. Spell Erosion will make each of your AOE spells ignore opponents’ armor (based on your spell penetration value vs. their armor value), causing them to take more damage and die faster. Likewise, Piercing creates an equivalent effect for abilities that cause physical weapon penetration. You should also put CPs into Precise Strikes, which ups physical critical rating, and Elfborn, which does the same for spell crits.

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